Egg Omelette with Loaded Veggies/Healthy Breakfast Egg Omelette/Healthy Food -4

Egg Omelette with Loaded Veggies/Healthy Breakfast Egg Omelette/Healthy Food -4

This Egg Omelette in prepared in a healthy way with loaded veggies and only 1/2tsp butter.People in diet can try this egg omelette with loaded veggies as a healthy breakfast and easy to make also.Add veggies of your choice.U can also add chopped spinach,mushroom,paneer,cheese etc.

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Egg Omelette with Loaded Veggies/Healthy Breakfast/Healthy
grated carrot-1/4 cup
grated capsicum-1/4 cup
grated cabbage-1/4 cup
pepper pd
grated tomato-1 small
milk-1/4 cup optional

In a blender or chopper add eggs and milk.
Beat eggs and milk till frothy and fluffy.
Add veggies ,salt,pepper pd and coriander leaves .
Mix all together.
Heat and grease kadai with butter or ghee.
Add eggs mixture.Cover and cook in very low flame for 10 mins.
Now switch off flame and take out omelette in plate.
And now put it back in pan carefully without breaking omelette and switch on flame.
Now Cook omelette on other side very low flame and take out in plate.

This egg omelette will break easily since i didnt add any flour,
cook in low flame and flip to other side carefully without breaking omelette.Add veggies of your choice.

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